Type O Blood is an Oh No for mosquitoes!

My mom has always complained because she is a walking meal ticket when it comes to mosquitoes. She not only gets eaten alive when she goes out at night she also has huge welts after being bitten. As it turns out my mom has Type O blood and scientists have proven that those who have Type O are more attractive to female mosquitoes             !

Scientists have also proven that the more you sweat the more likely you are to be attacked by mosquitoes. If you’re outside playing a game of volleyball you better make sure you have some mosquito spray, because you’re a meal on wheels.

Mosquitoes also look for their targets by vision. The brighter the color the more likely you are a target, thus camouflage is a good way to avoid mosquitoes!

We have many different types of spray options when it comes to mosquito control including a one-time spray, monthly, bi-monthly, and every 2 weeks. If you’re interested in any of those options give us a call at 262-242-4390!