What if I have a dog?

The dog needs to remain inside until the treatment on the lawn is allowed to completely dry. While the dog still can pick up some of the treatment by running through the grass after it has dried, its far less likely to have an ill effect on the dog.

Will mosquito treatments kill my plants?

No. Our mosquito treatments are designed to be as gentle as possible on plants and other non targeted pests.

Can my children play in the yard during a mosquito treatment?

No. The mosquito treatment should dry for at least 1 hour or more. If you come in contact with the spray on your skin, you should wash it off immediately with soap and water. There should be no immediate danger, but in some individuals a slight rash may occur.

Can the treatment continue to kill mosquitoes for a month?

Mosquitoes will feed on plants. They also will come in contact with the grass and kill them upon contact as well. When they attempt to feed on sprayed leaves, the residual from the spray will kill them.

Does Advanced Wildlife Control service commercial accounts?

Yes. We service all types of commercial accounts including restaurants with outdoor seating, retirement facilities, large festivals, and many other outdoor spaces.

Can we eliminate all mosquitoes on your property?

No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito. Mosquitoes need to become in contact with our spray in order for them to be killed. As you might imagine, a mosquito from a neighboring property could wander into your yard and bite you before feeding  on the treated foliage. You will however see a huge difference in mosquitoes on the property.

Do I need to be home for the treatments?

No. We will simply leave a note that your yard has been treated and also leave a bill in the door.

What is a treatment?

We treat all foliage and vegetation in the yard. We also treat around the home and if necessary we will treat the home as well. The yard includes the grass, shrubs, trees, anywhere mosquitoes are hiding. We will not treat your garden areas or places where  children’s toys are stored.

Spot Treatment:

This treatment is typically used for people who only want certain areas outside of their home treated. The results are not nearly as good as a complete treatment would be, but can help reduce mosquitoes in those treated areas.